About us

Personal advice & technical

You will receive advice from us in which we take into account your personal wishes and at the same time we give you maximum tax advice.

Motivated for you to work

Westpark is a compact organization. This has the advantage that we can act quickly if necessary and we are not hindered by long communication lines or rigid guidelines. Personal advice and technical highlights provide optimal results.

This approach has shown that we are a valuable partner, especially for our customers in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Within our services we strive for an optimal financial situation for our customers.

The right advisor

There is usually little difference in the technical qualities of an accountant or tax advisor. It is therefore not easy to choose the right advisor. Many advisers will tell you about the many options available in terms of tax legislation.

Westpark assumes that money must first be earned before the question arises of how much tax must be paid on it. So economics takes precedence over taxation.

Our company philosophy

Maximum tax-technical advice is not always the best advice. The tax benefits must be in balance with the emotional consequences.

Mutual trust is essential for the right end result.

Quality and strategic alliances